Flexvet benefitsfor employees

  • Everything well organised

    We are solution-oriented and always in close contact for the best possible cooperation. We are here to help you, free of charge!

  • We are here for you, promise

    You can always count on us. We will guide you through the entire process and stand up for you when needed.

Flexvet benefitsfor employers

  • Knowledge of the market

    With over 20 years of experience in staffing in the veterinary sector, we know the market like no other. This allows us to help you properly.

  • Short lines, good advice

    We aim for fast good communication. Therefore, we ensure that your question is always answered quickly. 


Recruitment, staffing and secondment in the veterinary sector

Flexvet is a specialised veterinary recruitment agency and platform, connecting employers and professionals in the veterinary sector. Our mission is to ensure that both flex workers and employers each find their unique and perfect match.

Getting off to a flying start?

Getting off to a flying start?

Are you still studying or are you just graduated? Come and meet Flexvet! Together we will look at what your wishes are for your starting career and how we can make this happen.

Ready for take-off