About Flexvet

We are a team of dedicated consultants who have been matching searching vets and employers in the veterinary industry for over 20 years. At Flexvet we are engaged in the recruitment, dispatch and secondment of veterinarians, para-veterinarians and other veterinary staff for veterinary practices, pharmacy and education.

We also recruit for the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). At the NVWA, you can work as a supervising veterinarian in the flexible shell of the NVWA via Flexvet. You would be working on optimising animal welfare, the safety of food products and veterinary public health. In this way you contribute to a sustainable society.

Why Flexvet?

  • Flexvet stands for honesty
  • We are passionate about our work
  • Connecting is our main goal
  • We keep the communication lines short and get things done

Quality and good employment

At Flexvet, we value healthy and safe working environments for our employees. We respect our employees and prove this by standing up for their interests, showing flexibility and commitment and always being there for them. That is why we are affiliated with the Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen (ABU). This is how we can guarantee the quality of our work.